Prepare for Pokemon!

This webpage is made in order to demonstrate the use of HTML form inputs. I will show examples of text and password fields, hidden fields, check-box, radio and submit buttons, drop-down lists, and text areas.

Be sure to fully prepare yourself for the Pokemon world.

What is your Pokemon Trainer name?

Create a password

Confirm password

Male Female

Choose your starter Pokemon
Pikachu Charmander Squirtle Bulbasaur


Rival's Name

Choose your Rival's starter Pokemon
Evee Rattata Geodude Pidgey

Rival's Hometown

How many Pokemon are in the original cast? (Answer in the Hidden Field)

How many to catch um all? (This is the Hidden Field)

Enter the Pokemon World!

Pokemon, its characters, logos, and other items are property of the Pokemon Company.

Author: Shawn Pahulu

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